MUSICA FRESCA: After a long (LONG) break, Monkey School returns with a selection of songs currently marching in our hit parade. As championed by our favorite spuds from Akron, Fresh is our word d’jour, and we’re here to discuss the fullness of now. In the past year or so, some of our favorite artists (e.g., Devo, Josie Cotton, Poly Styrene, the Ravonettes) have put out music that stands with some of their best stuff ever. And a great crop of new artists (The Drums, The Fresh & Onlys, Help Stamp Out Loneliness, Shannon and the Clams) have captured our attention lately with really compelling tracks. So welcome back to class everyone. It’s been a long summer.

Devo – Fresh
The Drums – Money
TV Girl – On Land
The Fresh & Onlys – Until The End Of Time
Hunx & His Punx – Tonite Tonite
Shannon And The Clams – The Cult Song
Sonny And The Sunsets – Home And Exile
The Ettes – My Heart
The Ravonettes – Recharge & Revolt
Help Stamp Out Loneliness – Cellophane
Poly Styrene – I Luv Ur Sneakers
Josie Cotton – Hi, I Like You
Noisettes  – Never Forget You

Opening theme: The Mopes – Hula Hoop
Background song: Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra – King Porter Stomp
Closing them: Wolfgang Kaltenbach – Party Shaker

Download: Monkey School 10

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