Latest Musical Developments

BREAKTHROUGHS: The intrepid musicologists at Monkey School have been toiling night and day to bring you the latest in audio enrichment. Unable to leave our stations in the music lab for months, we are now ready to announce the results of our melodic research. Here are fourteen tunes supporting our hypothesis that great musical advancements keep coming!

Teddy Bears – Yours To Keep
Kaiser Chiefs – Modern Way
Prototypes – Gentleman
Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position
Françoise Hardy – Et Méme
Albert Hammond, Jr. – In Transit
The High Heeled Honeys – Your Girl (Is My Girl)
Penelope Houston & Billie Joe Armstrong – Angel and the Jerk
The Queers – Monkey In A Suit
The Network – Hungry Hungry Models
The Cloud Room – Hey Now Now
Sprites – I Started A Blog Nobody Read
The Postmarks – Goodbye
Holly Golightly – Hear My Call, Here

Opening theme: The Mopes – Hula Hoop
Background song: Shonen Knife – Milky Way
Closing them: Wolfgang Kaltenbach – Party Shaker

Download: Monkey School 6

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