Sex Education

HUMAN MISBEHAVIOR:  We hope you have your permission slips signed, because today’s Monkey School is a lesson in sex education. It should be no surprise that popular music has had an awful lot to say on this particular subject, so we decided to let the songs dictate the lesson plan. From a laundry list for role-playing (Berlin) to automated love enhancement (Demolition Doll Rods), we look at the (ahem) ins and outs of getting it on. New kids on the block (Lily Allen) join those who have been around it plenty of times (Andre Williams) to make hay of the sport of making it happen. And because the unexpected contributes so much to the down and dirty, we have a couple reinterpretations (Pat MacDonald and Cyndi Lauper) of classic adult-themed pop songs to put you in the mood to hear more more more. How do you like it?

Sparks – All You Ever Think ABout Is Sex
Berlin – Sex (I’m A…)
Eurythmics – Sexcrime (1984)
Beck – Sexx Laws
Datarock – Sex Me Up
Lily Allen – Not Fair
Gun Club – Sex Beat
Demolition Doll Rods – Sex Machine
Andre Williams – Let Me Put It In
The Vaselines – Sex With An X
Pat MacDonald – Master And Servant
Cyndi Lauper – She Bop

Opening theme: The Mopes – Hula Hoop
Background song: The Atlantics – Beaver Shot
Closing them: Wolfgang Kaltenbach – Party Shaker

Download: Monkey School 12

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Country Counts

MUSICAL MATHLETES: It’s time to do the numbers . . . heartache by the numbers, that is. Instead of a countdown, this episode of Monkey School counts up, featuring 15 country and country-tinged songs with a numerical bent. Though we draw heavily from golden oldies (Kitty Wells & Red Foley, Jean Shepard, and Faron Young) and timeless classics (Willie Nelson, Tammy Wynette, and Johnny Paycheck), we can’t count out a few contemporary numbers too (Carolyn Mark, Old 97’s, and Wilco). So use both hands and one of your feet (left or right, your choice) to tally the top 15 reasons to learn a little math. No calculators!

Kitty Wells & Red Foley – One By One
Carolyn Mark – Two Days Smug And Sober
Willie Nelson – Three Days
The Old 97’s – Four Leaf Clover
Faron Young – I’ve Got Five Dollars And It’s Saturday Night
Dave Dudley – Six Days On The Road
Jean Shepard – Seven Lonely Days
The Mother Truckers – Magic 8 Ball
Tammy Wynette – Apartment #9
Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars – Ten Cats Down
Johnny Paycheck – A-11
Red Meat – 12-inch 3-Speed Oscillating Fan
Wilco  – Thirteen
Lorne Greene – Fourteen Men
Roxie Williams – Fifteen Seconds

Opening theme: The Mopes – Hula Hoop
Background song: The Moving Sidewalks – The Fountain
Closing them: Wolfgang Kaltenbach – Party Shaker

Download: Monkey School 11

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MUSICA FRESCA: After a long (LONG) break, Monkey School returns with a selection of songs currently marching in our hit parade. As championed by our favorite spuds from Akron, Fresh is our word d’jour, and we’re here to discuss the fullness of now. In the past year or so, some of our favorite artists (e.g., Devo, Josie Cotton, Poly Styrene, the Ravonettes) have put out music that stands with some of their best stuff ever. And a great crop of new artists (The Drums, The Fresh & Onlys, Help Stamp Out Loneliness, Shannon and the Clams) have captured our attention lately with really compelling tracks. So welcome back to class everyone. It’s been a long summer.

Devo – Fresh
The Drums – Money
TV Girl – On Land
The Fresh & Onlys – Until The End Of Time
Hunx & His Punx – Tonite Tonite
Shannon And The Clams – The Cult Song
Sonny And The Sunsets – Home And Exile
The Ettes – My Heart
The Ravonettes – Recharge & Revolt
Help Stamp Out Loneliness – Cellophane
Poly Styrene – I Luv Ur Sneakers
Josie Cotton – Hi, I Like You
Noisettes  – Never Forget You

Opening theme: The Mopes – Hula Hoop
Background song: Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra – King Porter Stomp
Closing them: Wolfgang Kaltenbach – Party Shaker

Download: Monkey School 10

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Private Tutor

REMEDIAL ROCK: Our good friend and Monkey School alumnus Keira stays after class for a little extra help on some old and new favorites. Join us for a midsummer romp through some artists she wanted to brush up on (Junior Senior, Wire, Aislers Set) and a few we threw in as extra credit (Au Revoir Simone, Rosebuds, and Datarock). In between it’s monkey school as usual, though a pop quiz is always a possibility!

Firefox AK – What’s That Sound
The Rosebuds – Get Up Get Out
Au Revoir Simone – Dark Halls
Stereo Total – Patty Hearst
Junior Senior – Move Your Feet
Operator Please – It’s Just A Song About Ping Pong
Fischerspooner – The 15th
Stars – This Charming Man
Aislers Set – Hit The Snow
All Girl Summer Fun Band – Down South, 10 Hours, I-5
Trembling Blue Stars – Idyllwyld
Datarock  – Fa-fa-fa
LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
Wire – Outdoor Miner

Opening theme: The Mopes – Hula Hoop
Background song: The Moving Sidewalks – The Fountain
Closing them: Wolfgang Kaltenbach – Party Shaker

Download: Monkey School 09

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Language Lessons

SPEAKING IN TONGUES: Pop quiz! In the past 50 years of popular music, how many songs have gone #1 in America that were NOT sung in English? You can count them all on both hands with a few fingers to spare*. Well, luckily Monkey School doesn’t give a gosh darn about such trivia. Good music isn’t a popularity contest, and you don’t need to know what a song means to enjoy it. So in the spirit of international brotherhood, we have assembled a cracking set of some of our favorite tunes in other tongues. Bon Appétit!

*”Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)” (Italian) by Domenico Mondugno, Aug. 19-Sept. 22, 1958; “Sukiyaki” (Japanese) by Kyu Sakamoto, June 15-29, 1963; “Dominique” (French) by The Singing Nun, Dec. 7-28, 1963; “Rock Me Amadeus” (German) Mar. 29-Apr.12, 1985; “La Bamba”, (Spanish) by Los Lobos, Aug. 29-Sept. 12, 1987; and “The Macarena” by Los Del Rio, which spent 14 weeks at #1 in 1996–a remix of the original Spanish hit with English lyrics added.

Bananarama – Aie A Mwana
Mahotella Queens – Unculo Kawupheli
Mohammed Rafi – Jann Pehechaan Ho
Astrud Gilberto – Vocé Ja Foi Bahia
Juniper Moon – Sólo Una Sonrisa
Vacaciones – No Me Digas Que Me Quieres
Entre Ríos – Salven Las Sirenas
Puffy Ami Yumi – Planet Tokyo (Akai Buanko)
Shonen Knife – My Favorite Town
Les Calaités – Toutes Les Nuits
Belinda Carlisle – Contact
Stereo Total – LA, CA USA
[ingenting] – Släpp in solen
Björk – Pabbi Minn

Opening theme: The Mopes – Hula Hoop
Background song: Van Alexander – Way Down Yonder In New Orleans Mambo
Closing them: Wolfgang Kaltenbach – Party Shaker

Download: Monkey School 08

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Extracurricular Activities

ON THE SIDE: This week Monkey School examines the irresistible pull of the musical side-project. We celebrate those intrepid artists who dare to break free of the formulas of the established acts to try something new and different. While the results don’t often warrant the abandonment of one’s day job, it gives fans a sense of their versatility. So join us as we visit some strange and fascinating interludes in the careers of a few of our favorite musicians.

Pinhead Gunpowder – New Blood
The Mopes – I Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye
The Amps – Like A Briar
Tom Tom Club – The Man With The 4-Way Hips
Visiting Kids – Trilobites
Future Bible Heroes – Losing Your Affection
The Creatures – Broken
The Glove – Mouth To Mouth
The Good The Bad And The Queen – Herculean
Postal Service – Be Still My Heart
Billy Bragg and Wilco – California Stars
The Knitters -Dry River
Chitlin’ Fooks – Seen It All
Latin Playboys – Forever Night Shade Mary

Opening theme: The Mopes – Hula Hoop
Background song: The Pyronauts – Pie
Closing them: Wolfgang Kaltenbach – Party Shaker

Download: Monkey School 07

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Latest Musical Developments

BREAKTHROUGHS: The intrepid musicologists at Monkey School have been toiling night and day to bring you the latest in audio enrichment. Unable to leave our stations in the music lab for months, we are now ready to announce the results of our melodic research. Here are fourteen tunes supporting our hypothesis that great musical advancements keep coming!

Teddy Bears – Yours To Keep
Kaiser Chiefs – Modern Way
Prototypes – Gentleman
Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position
Françoise Hardy – Et Méme
Albert Hammond, Jr. – In Transit
The High Heeled Honeys – Your Girl (Is My Girl)
Penelope Houston & Billie Joe Armstrong – Angel and the Jerk
The Queers – Monkey In A Suit
The Network – Hungry Hungry Models
The Cloud Room – Hey Now Now
Sprites – I Started A Blog Nobody Read
The Postmarks – Goodbye
Holly Golightly – Hear My Call, Here

Opening theme: The Mopes – Hula Hoop
Background song: Shonen Knife – Milky Way
Closing them: Wolfgang Kaltenbach – Party Shaker

Download: Monkey School 6

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Discoveries On Holiday

WHAT WE LISTENED TO ON OUR SUMMER VACATION: It’s been a while but we have finally returned to the hallowed halls of Monkey School. Rest assured we were not just goofing off. To prove it, we have a fres batch of songs – a collection of musical morsels we’ve been sampling over the past two and a half months. So sit back and reflect on the summer past and ponder what’s in store for the fall as you listen to the latest edition of Monkey School.

Morrissey – You Have Killed Me
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken
Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
Antennas – Adapt
The Epoxies – Synthesized
Rocket – Not That Kind Of Girl
Stimulator – Feeling Alright
Fabulous Disaster – I’m A Mess
The Riff Randells – M.O.
Katie The Pest – Groove On
The Go-Betweens – Bye Bye Pride
The Embassy – Boxcar
Bobby Baby – The Some Place New
Josh Rouse – My Love Has Gone

Opening theme: The Mopes – Hula Hoop
Background Song: The Crimson Ghosts – Skulls
Closing theme: Wolfgang Kaltenbach – Party Shaker

Download: Monkey School 05

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Summer School

Monkey School

BITCHIN’ SUMMER: Look outside… it’s finally here! We’ve been waiting for this all year! Yes, after a dreadfully cold and wet spring, summer has arrived in New England. We celebrate by enrolling you in summer school with a trip to Singing Beach in lovely Manchester-By-The-Sea, Massachusetts. We play a few of our favorite songs, both past and present, celebrating the joy and the fun of the season in the sun. Surf’s up!

Acid House Kings – Summer’s On Its Way
The Happy Couple – Another Sunny Day
Sing Sing – Feels Like Summer
Helen Love – Summer Pop Radio
The Undertones – Here Comes The Summer
Da Biz – On The Beach
Blondie – In The Sun
The Ramones – California Sun
B Girls – Fun At The Beach
The Barbarellas – Summer
The Lemonheads – He’s On The Beach
The Chubbies – Randy (Have A Bitchin’ Summer)
Yo La Tengo – The Summer
Death Cab For Cutie – Summer Skin

Opening theme: The Mopes – Hula Hoop
Background song: Percy Faith – Theme From “A Summer Place”
Closing theme: Voodoo Court – Always Something To Remind Me

Download: Monkey School 04

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Liquor Mission, Part One

DRUNKY SCHOOL: Pour yourself a drink. Go ahead – make it a double! We’re celebrating the long, time-honored tradition of songs about booze on this edition of Monkey School. A wide variety of artists, styles and points of view that will appeal to even the strictest teetotaler… so belly up to the bar of good times and bad behavior. Oh, and this is NOT an all-ages show. Leave the little ones at home.

Earlimart – We Drink On The Job
The Cardigans – I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer
Holly Golightly – Through Sun And Wine
Amazing Royal Crowns – Swimming In Drinks
7 Shot Screamers – Liquor Store
The Special A.K.A. – Alcohol
Nouvelle Vague – Too Drunk to F@%#
The Housemartins – Happy Hour
Saturday Looks Good To Me – Alcohol
The Holigrams – Drunk Dial
The Fall – White Lightning
The Spurs – Stop And Let Me Drink About It
Freakwater – My Old Drunk Friend
Willie Nelson – I Gotta Get Drunk

Opening theme: The Mopes – Hula Hoop
Background song:  Dave Aaronoff – Whiplash
Closing theme: Wolfgang Kaltenbach – Party Shaker

Download: Monkey School 03

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